Taking Time!

It's been 3 months since my last post and I've had a bunch of emails from concerned friends because I have not been present on my blog.  I'm here to say all is well and I've just been taking time to be with my family.  I spent a year building the blog and my Etsy site and looked around me and my kids were a year older.  I'm just soaking up every sticky kiss, snuggle and park date!  My children are THE number one most important thing to me so from time to time I may decide to take a break from blogging and that is just what I'm doing now.  I am still very active on ETSY and am available for party printable packages to those interested.  I'm sure you all understand and I appreciate the kind regards and concerns.  Thanks again for the support!


{real party} Pilot Graham's 2nd Birthday Airplane Party

Climb aboard Fuller Airlines for one sky high party!  Our little Graham turned two (sob) and when planning his party I gave him a few choices.  I asked him if he wanted a 'balls and bubbles' party or an 'airplane' party (both themes are absolute LOVES of our little one) and as you can see he chose "pairplanes" as he calls them.  Party guests were greeted by this fun balloon wreath and sign.
 The kiddos got to take home some baggage with their very own personalized luggage tags.


{free printable} Compassionate Dinner Note Cards

We all have friends who occasionally fall ill or have a baby.  I, personally, was grateful for the compassionate dinners I received after I gave birth to both of my boys.  It was such a relief to know that for a few days following our return from the hospital that I didn't have to focus on anything, but my family.  So with that said, these compassionate dinner cards are meant to help out with that task.
What's included in this printable set:
  • "Made with love by: dinner card w/ baking time/temperature instructions (for those who handmade dinner, but it still needs cooking)
  • "Made with love by" dinner card w/ out baking instructions (for those who handmade the dinner, but no baking is needed)
  • "Provided with love by" dinner card w/ baking time/temperature instructions (for those who bought a dinner that still needs baking.  ie-- Costco lasagna)
  • "Provided with love by" dinner card w/out baking instructions (for those buying take-out such as pizza or chinese for your friends)
  • Contact Calling Card
  • Allergies Checklist Card
  • 6 different printable circles with generic sayings: "get well soon", "congrats", "thinking of you", "we love you", "baby girl", and "baby boy"
All of the cards have space in the lower-left hand corner to attach the circular message that best suits your friend's situation.
Other tips to make things easier on your friends on the receiving end of your service:
  • If you've promised dinner, be prompt and reliable.  If I know one thing it's that nursing moms can eat often and are always looking forward to their next meal! :)
  • Call ahead to make sure no major allergies are in the family.
  • Deliver your dinner in disposable tin pans so your friends don't have to worry about return/washing your dishes.
  • If you're sick make arrangements to have someone else cook dinner that night.  No need spreading your cold around to an already sick friend or newborn babies.
  • Lastly, don't forget to include cooking instructions with your dinner so they cook it correctly. 


{free printables} Happy Father's Day to All Those No.1 Dads!

Jillian over at Catch My Party asked if I could create some Father's Day printables and these are what I came up with.  Head on over to see Jillian's post or download them below.
Pictures above courteous of Jillian at Catch My Party.
Included in the printable set:
-2 inch cupcake toppers/party circles
-Father's Day Sign/Quote
-Cupcake wrappers
-Straw Flags/Tags
-Bottle Lables
-Folding Food Labels
-5x7 inch Folding Card
-No.1 Daddy Banner
The above picture is obviously from me-- not so professional looking, but we're ready to celebrate our No.1 daddy on this special day!


{free printable} Potty Training Chart & Prize Tag

 I know it's a controversial topic-- do I reward my child with prizes/food/candy for going to the bathroom or not?  Well... this mom is desperate and will try anything!  Plus, this article at babycenter made me feel a bit better about the idea of the reward system.  We've tried potty training numerous times and numerous times have realized we were not ready yet.  Now at 3 years and 4 months I feel as though I can rationalize on some small level with my child about using the potty.  SO... we're in full training mode.  I'm hoping the potty prize bag and chart will motivate and encourage my little one (or little ones-- if my almost 2 year old potty trains at the same time I wouldn't mine).  I'm hoping to use the "3 day lock-down method".  The idea is to hunker down in our house for a few days and drink lots of water/juice. 
Once we've got this thing down I thought a little long term reward might help keep the momentum going.  If my little one is accident free for nine days we plan to reward him with some Coldstone yumminess or miniature golfing or whatever his little heart desires (within reason)!  Plus, he gets to put nifty dinosaur stickers on each day he stays clean in his cool undies.
I have a feeling this momma is going to spend a lot of time in the bathroom.  Wish me luck!
Please do share any cool potty training tricks you've got--I'm willing to give anything a try. :)


{free printable & project share} Homemade Sugar Body Scrub

I know I always appreciate  homemade gifts, especially on Mother's Day, so this  year I decided to do baskets for the moms with multiple homemade goodies.  Sorry I'm posting this after the fact, but just in case my mother and mother-in-law check this blog I didn't want to ruin the surprise.  Anyway, this lavender sugar scrub is just one of the things debuting in the basket and it took less than 1 minute to pull together.  Now that's my type of craft!
Ingredients Needed:
  •  Sugar (I used granulated white sugar, but I suppose brown could work too)
  • Oil (I used almond oil, but any oil that is smell-less would work-- such as olive oil)
  • Essential Oil Drops
  • Glass Jar
First fill your jar with the sugar, but leave enough room for the oil.  I used just enough oil that when it was mixed together it was a sloshy, but not too oily (does that make sense?).  It's not a science-- just pour the oil in a little at a time until you're satisfied with the dampness of the sugar mixture.
 Now, add between 5-10 drops of essential oil.  I used lavender, but contemplated using peppermint, orange, vanilla....etc.  I bought this lavender essential oil at Hobby Lobby and it was the most costly part of this project.  BUT, it should last me a while because you don't need much.
Next, tie it up with a pretty ribbon, a wooden stick and my free printable.  I would also encourage you to Mod Podge the printable label onto your glass jar so when it gets wet it doesn't sog up and fall off.
 I've created an assortment of four body scrub labels for you.  These body scrubs are super fast to put together-- the perfect last minute gift for just about anyone.


{free printable} Bachelorette Premiere Party Season 2012

Remember the printables I did for Ashley's season?  Well, I've had more requests for Emily's season. I threw these together last night and when I say thrown them together they were done in a matter a minutes so I apologize if you find mistakes or spelling errors. With that said, the printable set includes:
  • Emily Maynard's photo adorned with a scalloped frilly edge
  • 25 Informational Bio Cards for the Bachelors
  • Bachelorette Bingo Cards with Statement/Action Cut-outs (you could also have the ladies fill in their own cards if you don't like the generic cut-outs I've made available)
  • 4 inch Folding Treat Bags (created with the purpose to use on cellophane bags as favor tags)
  • "Will she get a SECOND chance at love?" Banner
  • Frilly second love quote adornment for the table/cake/door...etc.

So there you have it!  Hope you enjoy your fun season premiere get-togethers.  I just may get around to actually throwing a party myself this time around.


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