{free printables} ABC Bachelorette Premiere Party Printables

Do you watch ABC's Bachelor/Bachelorette? I do. Although, I would have never thought about throwing a party with printables until I received an email requesting it.  It's the silliest printable I've ever made, but it was FUN!

 Printable package includes:
  • 25 Cupcake Toppers/Party Circles (with each guy's face and name on it)
  • Welcome sign (with picture of Chris Harrison)
  • Banner with words, "who will she pick?"
  • Picture of bachelorette herself with the words, "will Ashley find love?"
  • 10 unique BINGO cards (with common phrases and actions to identify)

**Please keep in mind the actual pictures of the guys and Ashley were taken from the ABC website so the quality is not the greatest, but I think it will print up alright.  Sorry ladies.  I wish I had their photos in high resolution, but alas I'm not sure ABC network would give those out. ;)

Hope you enjoy these fun printables!  Download HERE.


  1. Hey Kristen - thanks for making these they are too cute and funny. Do you have any printing tips? I can't seem to get them to print. Thanks much!

  2. I'm not sure why it's having a hard time printing for you. Try downloading it first before printing. If you still have a rough time email me and I will send you the PDF file directly.

  3. If you right click on the image and save a copy it works....except for the Bingo...the outline is there, but the squares are blank.

  4. Ladies-- sorry there is a glitch. I'm out camping with the family, but will check/fix it when we get home tomorrow.

  5. Ladies-- I've posted a new and improved bingo card download. Just FYI. Enjoy your parties tonight!

  6. totally wishing you had ones for this year! hilarious!



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