Halloween Cupcakes

This is what my kitchen looked like for two days straight. I'm sure my hubby loved that. I tell you what he did love though-- the fruits of my labor-- cupcakes.
It was my first real time working with fondant and it was surprisingly easy. I bought the pre-made Wilton rolled fondant in white from Michaels and used all of my own stuff to color and cut them. The secret is to have plenty of crisco and confectioners sugar at hand. If your fondant becomes too dry grease your hands up with shortening and it will become soft again. If it becomes too sticky-- add more sugar and you will be able to roll it out smoothly.
My newest favorite items are coloring powder. You add a little to water or some other liquid agent and then you can paint onto the fondant (like watercolors).

I think my next venture into the fondant world is to make an actual cake. But for now, I think the cupcakes turned out darling.

1 comment:

  1. you should keep this craft site up. I love love love your ideas. Where do you even come up with this stuff? I wish I had that creative streak!



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