{tutorial} Upholstered Headboard Squares

First I have to apologize...as I was knee-deep into my project I realized I had not taken any photographs with my camera so I pulled out my iphone and snapped a few blurry shots.  I wish the quality was better, but it is what it is.
After seeing this headboard on DIY Network webpage I immediately went into action to create my own little version.  Once I had collected everything I needed in order to finish this project it came together relatively quick.  Needed for this headboard project is:  Styrofoam Mattress Pad, Scissors, Upholstery Batting, Staple Gun, Wood Squares, Fabric, Wood Particle Board, Hammer, and Screw Gun.

 Please keep in mind this headboard is for a full-size bed so all dimensions stated are for such size.  I bought the wood at Lowes and since we moved to NM we don't have access to my father-in-law's tools so I had the man at Lowes cut the board into twelve 13.5" squares.  Did you know Lowes doesn't charge for such cuts? I was certain it was going to cost an arm and a leg, but nope it was free and fast!
First I cut the mattress pad into twelve 13.5" squares.  As for the batting I just eye-balled it.  When cutting the batting I made sure to leave a 4" over hanging border so it could wrap around easily for stapling.  I also cut my fabric using the same dimensions I used for the batting.  Next, I just stapled around the edges making sure to pull tightly.  If you don't pull tight on the fabric and batting it will pucker and look sloppy.  And nobody likes a sloppy headboard, right?

 The corners were a bit tricky because of the batting thickness.  I found that folding the left side in and then the top over that made the cleanest fold.
Tip:  If your staples don't go all the way in take a hammer and pound them down into the wood.
After all boards are upholstered I screwed them tightly into a board from the back.  This is were a friend or significant other comes in handy.  Four hands really are better than two sometimes.  I wanted the boards to be butted up against each other as tight as they could go, so my hubby screwed from behind while I pushed the boards together from the front.  Once all boards are screwed in place just lean against the wall behind the bed-- this helps keep the headboard in place.
Just FYI-- we tried a couple of wall mounting methods.  Our first fail was double sided sticky pads, but let's be honest they held for maybe 5 minutes.  Our second fail was hanging each individual board with saw tooth metal picture hangers, but we couldn't get the boards close enough together.  Also, with the hanging method the boards could easily fall off on the guests when they were leaned against, so this was a BIG FAIL!
Perfect for my guest bedroom and the many holiday guests we had joining us.


  1. This is wonderful, you did a fantastic job! I'm pinning this for future reference! Thanks for posting.

    1. Joy-- thanks for the pin. It really was easy and fun to do.



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