{free printable} Merry Christmas Tags

Merry Christmas! We're going on a road trip to visit family in Utah so I won't be posting anything new until after Christmas, but I hope you all have a wonderful holiday full of family and friends.
To download these 2.5" square tags go HERE


{free printable} Snowflake Circles

So simple, but it adds a bit of color to those plain white holiday card envelopes.  You could also use these circles as cupcake toppers, gift tags (just add a little note on the backside), or put them on your gifts.  Just print, punch and attach.  I used my sticker maker, but a glue stick or double sided tape would work great too!

 These holiday circles measure at 1.75" and I used a 1.5" hole puncher for the above picture.  Happy Holidays!  Hope it's snowing where you're at, because in NM it's a rarity (although I can't complain too much, we do have snow on the ground right now).  Enjoy!
To download your own snowflake circles go HERE


{tutorial & free printable pattern} Felt Nativity Hand Puppets

I in no way came up with this project on my own.  My church provided these kits to make felt nativity hand puppets and I just thought I would share it with everyone because they were quick and super cute!
 Felt Requirements:  these are just suggested body colors to make all 8 puppets using 9" x 12" felt pieces.
- 2 pieces each (light blue, tan, green, dark tan, purple, and red)
- 4 pieces each (white)
- Scrap pieces (flesh, black, yellow, dark brown, gold, dark blue, brown, pink, and gray)
Also Needed:
-Sharp fabric scissors
-Tacky craft glue
-Sewing Machine (optional)
 Other Doo-Dads Needed:
-2 brown pipe cleaners
-Ric-rac, braid, and trim
-Jewels, wooden bead, and gold button
-Small pink pom pom (for lamb's nose)
-Small bell & cord (for lamb's neck)
Download the nativity puppet outline and pattern HERE.
 It's as easy as printing the PDF pattern, cutting out the pieces and gluing them together. The instructions on the PDF file are fairly clear and concise.  My mother in law was in town last week and got a kit for herself, but she she's going to sew the hand pieces so that they last longer.  However, I did mine with craft tacky glue and they seem to be holding up just fine, thus far.
{The Three Wise Men}

{Baby Jesus, Mary & Joseph}
{Lamb, Shepherd & Angel}
The puppets came together relatively quickly and I just know the kidlets will enjoy playing with them through the holidays.  Again, download your pattern HERE.


{tutorial} Jingle Bell Wreaths

What's Christmas without some jingle bells?  I found discounted tubes of bells last year after Christmas and just remembered I had them while decorating my house for the holidays.  This project took me all of 15 minutes.  I love quick and easy-- nothing better!
All that is needed:  wire coat hanger, ribbon, and jingle bells.
I feel like the hardest part was unwinding the wire coat hanger.  I thought my finger tips were going to get slashed open.  I highly recommend wearing heavy gardening gloves or better yet, use wire clippers if you have them.  I, on the other hand, did it the hard way!
After you've formed your wire into a circle you thread your bells onto the hanger, making sure to push them as close together as they will go.  Once you've completed threading the bells and have determined it is the size you want twist your wire back together and attach some ribbon for hanging.
 I had some left over bells, but not enough to make another wreath so I made this fun little hangy thing.  Instead of wire, I used some ribbon to thread and tied knots on both ends so the bells stay close together.
I'm loving the dark bronze bells, but they're a bit larger than the silver ones so they are unable to get snug and the wire is showing through a bit on these.  Oh well... can't win them all.


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