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{free printable} Bachelorette Premiere Party Season 2012

Remember the printables I did for Ashley's season?  Well, I've had more requests for Emily's season. I threw these together last night and when I say thrown them together they were done in a matter a minutes so I apologize if you find mistakes or spelling errors. With that said, the printable set includes:
  • Emily Maynard's photo adorned with a scalloped frilly edge
  • 25 Informational Bio Cards for the Bachelors
  • Bachelorette Bingo Cards with Statement/Action Cut-outs (you could also have the ladies fill in their own cards if you don't like the generic cut-outs I've made available)
  • 4 inch Folding Treat Bags (created with the purpose to use on cellophane bags as favor tags)
  • "Will she get a SECOND chance at love?" Banner
  • Frilly second love quote adornment for the table/cake/door...etc.

So there you have it!  Hope you enjoy your fun season premiere get-togethers.  I just may get around to actually throwing a party myself this time around.


{free printable} Easter Brunch Printables

With Easter being just around the corner I've created this simplistic brunch printable set.  I love the light pale colors and hopefully you'll like them too!  Included in this set: banner (print the banner pages twice or even three times to achieve a longer banner), cupcake toppers/party circles, invitations, and food labels.  The food labels are not pictured, but follow the download link to sneak a peak.
Also, I found these adorable "carrot candy" cupcakes on pinterest and followed the link to Squidoo.  I love the simple design, using orange and green colored candies.  The original poster used M&M's, but I decided to use Starburst Jelly Beans-- keeping with the Easter theme a bit more.  I just LOVE Easter.  Do you have any fun Easter traditions you do with your families?


St. Patty's Day Straw Flags Done 3 Ways!

Holidays (small or large) get more exciting each year as the kids get older.  I'm excited to pull out all of the leprechaun pranks and green foods.  I know I've already shown you these St. Patty's Day printables, but I thought it might be helpful if I show them in use multiple ways.
The straw flags/tags could be used as just that, straw flags...
...or as a shirt tag exclaiming "kiss me"...
...or as a little banner hung next to the leprechaun's treats left in the kiddo's shoes.  Can't wait to stuff their shoes with fun green treats (ideas-- mike & ikes, sprite, limeade drink, green spearmint gum, green canister of pringles...etc. you get the jist of it).
This was a quick shamrock banner made by those sparkly foam cut outs that can be found at any craft store.  I got mine at Michaels 50% off and three packages cost me all of $3.  Love deals like that!
 As I was hanging banners and taking pictures, this little fella snuggled in on the couch to watch me.  Too bad his name isn't "Lucky", that would be so fitting for this post.  Thus, his name is "Gus" and we love him whether he's an Irish dog or not.


{free printables} Back to School

My kiddlets aren't old enough for school  yet, but I can't wait to use these printables I created when they are.  I remember the first day of school was full of nerves, anxiousness and a bit of excitement.  Who's going to be in my class?  Will I get lost?  Is my teacher going to be strict?  Well, hopefully these printables will help alleviate some of those nerves.  Nothing does the trick like a mom's note attached to their back pack wishing them good luck.
{note cards from mommy & daddy-- inspired by Tiny Prints}
{book plates tags}
{note cards to write teachers a little note}
{good luck banner}
AGAIN... Scrid is giving me all sorts of problems.  I'm losing information on my document when I upload it with them.  Maybe it's time to find another site to host my printables... we'll see.  Am I the only one with this issue?  Anyway, if you would like these printables, please email me at kirstenfuller{at}gmail{dot}com and I will hand 'em on over!


{real party} My Little "Bug's" First Birthday Party!

I can't believe my baby is one!  This last year has been a whirlwind and I wish I could slow time down.  Nevertheless, if time were at a halt then we would have no birthdays to celebrate so I guess I'm okay with it. :)  For Graham's first birthday I chose to use the theme of "bugs and insects."  I made all of the printables myself and had them printed at my local print shop-- I think they turned out darling.  I will be uploading them to Etsy soon for those interested in purchasing. 
The food table
The party favor, paper ware and water table
Fabric bug banner
The invite-- I used a scallop punch to make the bug bites.

I had party goers fill out notes for Graham to open/read on his 18th birthday.  I plan to put them into his time capsule/chest with other significant things from his first year of life.
 Felt crown by Two Little Bluebirds
The cake-- bug topper was purchased at Joann's Fabrics store.

 Printable Banner by Embellish

 bugs were everywhere!

 Party goers got to take home bug glasses, insect nets and ladybug or bee masks.

 Delicious food bought at Costco.  LOVE that place.
 Printable banner by Embellish
birthday boy's older brother 
 bug masks

 Birthday Boy!
 The bug glasses were a huge hit.  Maybe not with my little bug, but all the other little bugs loved them.
My grandfather filling out his note to Graham
 On the bug hunt with his insect net
 Family photo at the end of the party
Happy Birthday Graham!  Just LOVE you!

*party side note: I had intentions to make the food more "bug and insect" related, but ran out of time.  It would have been cute to have chocolate pudding cups with crushed oreos and gummy bugs sticking out of the top or to make beetle bite cookies.  The possibilities are endless with a bug themed party.  So fun!


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