Question-- What type of camera do I use to take pictures?
Answer-- I use a Canon Rebel T1i purchased from the lovely Costco!  I know nothing about photography!  No joke.  All I know is that I love photographs when they're taken in natural light so I turn off my flash and open the blinds.  

Question-- What program do you use to create your printable files?
Answer-- (hiding my head in embarrassment) I use Publisher.  It's a Microsoft program and it's old school.  Some day I hope to learn Illustrator or Indesign, but until that day comes I'm plugging along just fine with my old friend, Publisher.

Question-- I've seen a baby memory book in an old post and am wondering if I could pay you for the PDF file?
Answer-- Currently, I'm not interested in selling that file or those baby memory pages.  I created those memory books especially for my two boys and a few family members and friends. Sorry.  Maybe one day I'll be able to let go of that special file, but not today. :(

Question-- Do you create custom invitations or party printables?
Answer-- Absolutely!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE creating unique and different stuff so please email me and ask away!

Question-- Do you need a special printer or program to use your files?
Answer--  Nope!  All of my files are in PDF form and can be printed on your very own home printer.  However, I suggest using a print shop such as Staples or OfficeMax.  Using your own printer at home can become pricey with ink.  I've found the best deals at Staples and usually take in my own paper or cardstock to cut down on the cost.

Question-- What religion are you?
Answer-- LDS (or more familiarly known as Mormon).

Question-- Why does it say I need to pay a yearly fee on Scribd to download your free files?
Answer--  I've had many emails stating they were being required to pay a fee on Scribd to download my free files.  After doing some research I discovered that over a period of time my files were being archived, thus making them free at first, but over time they were requiring a charge to download.  I've permanently unarchived all of my past and future files so this should not be a problem anymore.  So, if you've had problems downloading my files on Scribd in the past, try again.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Question--  What happened to the download link to the " How do Dinosaurs?" book series popsicle puzzles printables?
Answer-- Due to a kind email received explaining the copyright issues on taking a picture from the web and printing at home I decided to take the link down.  The post and the original idea are still available for tutorial purposes, but the download link is no longer available.

Okay so I think that covers all of the questions I've been asked thus far.  If you have anything in particular you would like to know about me or my blog (within reason please) please drop me a line.


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