{free printable} Potty Training Chart & Prize Tag

 I know it's a controversial topic-- do I reward my child with prizes/food/candy for going to the bathroom or not?  Well... this mom is desperate and will try anything!  Plus, this article at babycenter made me feel a bit better about the idea of the reward system.  We've tried potty training numerous times and numerous times have realized we were not ready yet.  Now at 3 years and 4 months I feel as though I can rationalize on some small level with my child about using the potty.  SO... we're in full training mode.  I'm hoping the potty prize bag and chart will motivate and encourage my little one (or little ones-- if my almost 2 year old potty trains at the same time I wouldn't mine).  I'm hoping to use the "3 day lock-down method".  The idea is to hunker down in our house for a few days and drink lots of water/juice. 
Once we've got this thing down I thought a little long term reward might help keep the momentum going.  If my little one is accident free for nine days we plan to reward him with some Coldstone yumminess or miniature golfing or whatever his little heart desires (within reason)!  Plus, he gets to put nifty dinosaur stickers on each day he stays clean in his cool undies.
I have a feeling this momma is going to spend a lot of time in the bathroom.  Wish me luck!
Please do share any cool potty training tricks you've got--I'm willing to give anything a try. :)


  1. Good Luck!! My son was very difficult to potty train. His incentive was preschool!! Most of his friends were potty trained and he did not want to be left out!!

    You need to have DAILY goals. Nine days is to long for a 3 year old to comprehend. Also, expect set backs. Patience is the MOST important thing-just don't quit!!

    I did not use a potty chair because I did not want to have to take one every where I went!
    My friend had to keep a potty chair in her SUV when she took her kids out-I did not want to have to do this.

    1. Karen-- Thanks for the tips. :) I've thought about the potty chair vs the toilet and I'm undecided on it. One positive about the potty chair for us is that we make frequent car trips so it might be useful for us to be able to tag it along and use it anywhere along the side of the road. :)

    2. Christy from ColoradoJuly 8, 2012 at 3:28 PM

      We love the potty chair. I still carry on in my van for when we go to parks. I have 3 kids....6,4 & 3. I love having the potty chair nearby. And when we potty train, we have 1 potty upstairs, one potty in main floor bath & 1 potty outside. It works for me! Also, try one m&m per pp in the potty. A little chocolate goes a long way & sometimes can be more fun than a sticker, but I do both...when stickers aren't as motivating anymore, I move on to m&m's. Good luck!

  2. I'm in the process of training my 20 month old and he has done super!! Pee pee and poo poo today, his 1st day!! I'm using a stuffed animal and put him on the potty, then say, "now it's Josiah's turn" and he goes. He is diaper free all day except nap and bed time. Good luck to you! ;)

  3. my daughter is very stubborn at 28 months - some days she does great then will NOT go on potty the next. I have tried the lets see if we can be dry today and you can pick any candy out of the halloween bag! gl For my son we created a potty dance so we did this after going potty then called someone (daddy or grandma) to tell them.

  4. My son is almost 3 in january (although he was 3.5 months early). We are having a SUPER hard time with potty training and he has a baby bother (whose almost 1) and doesn't understand why his brother can use diapers but not him. I am going to try the rewards bag like you have posted!

  5. My 26 mth old has been wanting to on and off. We are using dum dum suckers and a sticker each time she goes, eventually I will drop the suckers and use only the stickers each time. Then work it down to dry day rewards which will be some other treat since a sticker is just no fun once a day, maybe a glow stick or other $1 store item



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