{free printable} Compassionate Dinner Note Cards

We all have friends who occasionally fall ill or have a baby.  I, personally, was grateful for the compassionate dinners I received after I gave birth to both of my boys.  It was such a relief to know that for a few days following our return from the hospital that I didn't have to focus on anything, but my family.  So with that said, these compassionate dinner cards are meant to help out with that task.
What's included in this printable set:
  • "Made with love by: dinner card w/ baking time/temperature instructions (for those who handmade dinner, but it still needs cooking)
  • "Made with love by" dinner card w/ out baking instructions (for those who handmade the dinner, but no baking is needed)
  • "Provided with love by" dinner card w/ baking time/temperature instructions (for those who bought a dinner that still needs baking.  ie-- Costco lasagna)
  • "Provided with love by" dinner card w/out baking instructions (for those buying take-out such as pizza or chinese for your friends)
  • Contact Calling Card
  • Allergies Checklist Card
  • 6 different printable circles with generic sayings: "get well soon", "congrats", "thinking of you", "we love you", "baby girl", and "baby boy"
All of the cards have space in the lower-left hand corner to attach the circular message that best suits your friend's situation.
Other tips to make things easier on your friends on the receiving end of your service:
  • If you've promised dinner, be prompt and reliable.  If I know one thing it's that nursing moms can eat often and are always looking forward to their next meal! :)
  • Call ahead to make sure no major allergies are in the family.
  • Deliver your dinner in disposable tin pans so your friends don't have to worry about return/washing your dishes.
  • If you're sick make arrangements to have someone else cook dinner that night.  No need spreading your cold around to an already sick friend or newborn babies.
  • Lastly, don't forget to include cooking instructions with your dinner so they cook it correctly. 


{free printables} Happy Father's Day to All Those No.1 Dads!

Jillian over at Catch My Party asked if I could create some Father's Day printables and these are what I came up with.  Head on over to see Jillian's post or download them below.
Pictures above courteous of Jillian at Catch My Party.
Included in the printable set:
-2 inch cupcake toppers/party circles
-Father's Day Sign/Quote
-Cupcake wrappers
-Straw Flags/Tags
-Bottle Lables
-Folding Food Labels
-5x7 inch Folding Card
-No.1 Daddy Banner
The above picture is obviously from me-- not so professional looking, but we're ready to celebrate our No.1 daddy on this special day!


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