{free printables} Lemonade & Sweets Stand

While visiting my family in Utah this last month I saw a zillion lemonade stands and I got to thinking how cute it would be to have printables for just that.  Afterwards I went home and started googling it and discovered I'm not the only one that has thought of this.  So I started making these printables and then I sat on them for almost a month because I wanted to take pictures of them in use.  During that time, more lemonade stand printables became available online, but oh well... I still think mine are super cute and run with the best of them. :)
I had every intention of putting some yellow jelly beans in these cupcake wrappers, but when I went to the cupboard to get them, to my surprise they had disappeared.  Hmmmm... I thought my husband said he was on a diet? ;)
The LEMONADE/SWEET STAND printables include:  road sign with arrows, tented food labels (some with wording some without), lemonade banner, price toppers/stickers, drink tags and 3 coordinating digital papers.
Attach this sign to a yard stick with the arrow pointing the correct direction to drive in the traffic.  To add a little frill you can always add some tule or ribbon on the stick.
Place these tented cards next to all of your homemade baked goods.  Also you could cut the top piece off and stick them directly on your baked packaged goods.
"LEMONADE" banner-- I envision this strung together with  yellow tule to give a bit of a frilly feminine touch.
Use these digital papers to make paper chains, paper flowers, and/or paper pinwheels to dress up your stand.  Possibilities are endless.
Tape these price toppers to a lollipop stick and place in whatever sweetness you bake up.  Also, these drink flags will make just the perfect touch to your delicious and refreshing lemonade.
I wish I had gotten these out sooner, but hey we still have close to 6 weeks left of summer and there are still a plethora of hot days calling for our kidlets to get out there and sell refreshing lemonade and make a buck or two in the meantime. 
EMAIL ME FOR THE PDF-- Scribd is acting weird right now!


  1. o my goodness i just found your blog and love everything!!!!

  2. Will you send me a copy? Thanks!

  3. My daughter wants a lemon themed birthday party and these would be wonderful! Would you please send me a copy? Thank you so much! rsudac@gmail.com



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