Chore Sticks Correction

 So apparently I can't spell "Laundry" more than once on my chore sticks printable.  :)  Some sweet lady noticed my mistake over on Whatever Dee Dee Wants blog so I thought I should make the change and provide the correction to you.

To download the first page with the correction go HERE
or to download page 15 with it's correction to the word "seal" to "sill" go HERE

Sorry for the inconvenience.  Man I really need an editor to double check my work here. :)


  1. You may also want to know that you spelled window sills wrong too. You put window seals and it should read sills. Well I am just guessing that you don't actually want the kids to wash the seals as that might decrease the integrity of the windows. :)

  2. Sandi,

    Thanks for the heads up. I've made the correction and uploaded a link to page 15 where that correction took place. :)


  3. I can't download page 1. It doesn't give yout he option. Page 15 works fine though.

  4. Anonymous-- please email me at kirstenfuller(at)gmail(dot)com and I will send you the file directly. Sorry about the mishap in downloading. Sometimes Scribd does some weird stuff to my documents when I upload them with them. :(

  5. I need the first page with correction as well..Can't download with the link you gave....will be emailing you..thanks so much..this is such a great idea :-)!



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