{free printable} Valentines Day Tags

Before I got married I referred to Valentines Day as "Single Awareness Day", but even those that are single can still get on the V-Day fun with these cute tags.  We've decided to mix it up this year and give out popcorn in brown paper bags to the little ones.  Heaven knows they'll get enough sweets from everyone else. :)
My little one LOVES popcorn and can smell it from a mile away!
 These tags could be used for your kidlet's friends, classmates or your co-workers.  Who doesn't love receiving a little sweet treat?
Download your tags HERE


  1. so cute, I am going to make some printer cookies for sure, my friends at work will love them:)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. Just found your site and bookmarked. I'll be back soon! :) Visit me too: hotpinkpansy.com

  3. Sue-- printer cookies? I'm curious what those are? Please do send a picture when you've made them.

    Hot Pink Pansy-- Please do come back soon. I will have more free printables to share. :)

  4. I made a garland for my foyer alternating the bee with the owl. I used my cropadile hole punch and inserted silver brads and on the ends white ribbon. Love it! Thanks for the fun Valentine printables! I wish I could send a photo but I don't know how here.

  5. Patty A-- that garland sounds so stinking cute! I wish I had thought of it! If you ever get around to uploading photos I would love to see it via email at kirstenfuller(at)gmail(dot)com. :) Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love these! Sadly, I cannot get scribd to work. It won't let me log in. :( If you happen to get this and would be so kind, I'd love them in an email! My address is lml8488(at)ksu(dot)edu.

  7. I love it! Thank you so much for sharing.



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