{tutorial & free printable} Halloween Burlap Wreath

These burlap wreaths are popping up all over the internet, but I specifically found inspiration at Craftaholics Anonymous to make mine.
I've seen most burlap wreaths made with wire hangers bent into a circle, but I chose to use a wreath form.  However, the green would definitely poke through so I needed to paint mine black first.
I used basic craft paint, but I suppose if you had black spray paint laying around that would work too.
While the paint is drying, lay out your burlap and cut 1x18 inch strips of fabric.  I chose to make mine a bit longer than other tutorials because the wreath form is thicker than a wire so it requires more fabric to wrap around.
I cut strips from approximately 3/4th of a yard of fabric and that seemed plenty for my wreath, but if you like a more fuller look I would purchase at least a yard of burlap to be safe.

 Just as I was about to begin wrapping my wreath with fabric I looked down to see black paint splatters all over my shirt.  What can I say I'm a messy crafter, but if anyone has any tips as how I could remove paint splatters from a shirt please send them my way.  Back to the wreath-- just tie knots of fabric around your wreath until your satisfied with the fullness.  Make sure NOT to pull too tight on the burlap when knotting-- it's very sensitive and will break with just a little amount of strength.  I then attached this little crow I found at the dollar store with some super glue and wire.  Now your wreath is ready to hang.  I paired mine with this little "trick or treat" sign I had laying around, but you could hang your wreath with my printable file below.  All you would need to do is mod podge it onto some wood or tin and string with some burlap or ribbon.

To download your own "Trick or Treat" sign go HERE
Total Cost of the Project: $8
Wreath Form (Joanne's Fabric with 50% off coupon): $4
1 Yard of Black Burlap Fabric (Joanne's Fabric with 40% off coupon): $3
Black Crow (Dollar Store): $1


  1. What a great wreath - I have a friend who loves burlap and she would love this too!!!

  2. Darling wreath for Halloween. TFS

  3. The Partiologist-- Thanks! Hope your friend enjoys making her own burlap wreath. So easy!

    Glenda-- Thank you! :)

  4. time to stencil / paint, your shirt.



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