{free printable} Thanksgiving Door Wreath & Sign

I'm all about quick crafts!  I usually do them during the kiddo's naps and this wreath was one of those super quick, but cute crafts I took on this past week. 
I used some scrap chenille fabric I had left over from some bibs I made 4 years ago.  I was just waiting for the perfect project and this was it.  However, I used so little that I still have plenty left over. :)  I created this flower with 4 circles, embroidery floss in an alike color, and a needle.  The center circle was rolled up and sewn like a rose.  Then I folded the remaining circles into fourths and sewed them willy nilly onto the rose until I liked the look.  The green leaves were simply sewn with my machine and trimmed down with scissors.  The nice thing about chenille is that it's rustic and your lines don't have to be perfect.
After I was done attaching the flowers with wire I felt the wreath a little too plain so I created this sign and mod podged it onto a painted wooden board.  I then attached the ribbon with staples onto the back.  So simple, I tell ya.
The sign in the picture was printed at Staples and I had them enlarge it to fit the size of board I had laying around.  If you want to do the same just right click on the above image and save to your computer.
So if you'd like to adorn your door or wall with this last minute "Give Thanks" sign, feel free to download HERE.  Happy Turkey Day!

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  1. I love the way the chenille looks. It's so cute! This wreath would be fun for Spring too (with a different sign of course).



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