{tutorial} Children's Turkey Crayon Holder

Imagine this cute little turkey guy sitting next to your kiddies on Thanksgiving day.  I just know my boys will love coloring their place-mats with these "turkey feather crayons".
All that is needed to make this little guy is:  styrofoam base and head, two googly eyes, brown paint & brush, hot glue gun, red & orange felt, and crayons.
First, paint your styrofoam pieces and let them dry.
Then, attach the head to the base with a dab of hot glue.  Then glue the beak and wattle (yep that's what that red little hangy thing is called-- I looked it up) with glue as well.
Next, you can drill the holes out with an actual drill (which is what I did) or you could firmly press the styrofoam with a sharp pencil and make your holes that way as well.
I personally think this little guy is more handsome with a bow-tie.
Total Cost:
Styrofoam Pieces-- $2
Felt--$0 I used scraps
Craft Paint & Brush-- $0 I used left-overs
This fun turkey guy is cheap enough you could make them for the gaggle of kids that will be joining you on GOBBLE DAY!

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