{project share} DIY Stegosaurus Hoodie

Inspired by Whatever Dee Dee Wants and liberally using her tutorial, I decided to have my own run at this fun DIY dinosaur hoodie.  Not to mention it made me break out my brand new serger, that has been sitting in the box over a year now.  I don't know why, but just the thought of serging fabrics intimidated me.  Once the threading process was finished, which took forever, it was relatively easy to maneuver.
 I decided to use two differing shades of green felt for the stegosaurus spikes.  I sewed two of the sides, then stuffed them with batting and stitched them back into the hoodie using my serger.  One of the fastest sewing projects I've ever done.
These two little sillies just love their dinosaurs and this hoodie was very much appreciated by my little one.
Side Note:  I was a little concerned how the washing process would effect the felt spikes, but after washing it numerous times already I can see that they're going to hold up fine.  The batting has stayed fluffy and has not balled up and the felt hasn't shrunken at all.
ROAAAAAAAAAR!  If you have some dino-lovers in your family this has been a huge hit and I highly recommend it for your little ones.

1 comment:

  1. It looks so cute!
    I am jealous you have a serger! I am dying to get get one.



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