{free printable & project share} How Do Dinosaurs?... Book Popsicle Stick Puzzles

I'm pretty sure every mother to young boys has heard of these "How Do Dinosaurs..." book series, but if you haven't click on the book picture below and go check them out.  They are apart of our nightly ritual-- sometimes they are an all day phenomenon.  My kids LOVE them.  So much we've had to purchase this particular book (see below) 3 times because the pages began to fall out.
So... because they are a fave in our house, I thought it appropriate to use these book's pictures on my popsicle stick puzzles.  I googled these books and found a gazillion pictures online to print at home.  I'm not sure if it's illegal or not-- anyone know?    However, you could also use pictures from any old book you have laying around.  After I did this I thought to myself I could have used one of those other books with the pages falling out and that would have worked great too!

The puzzle sticks were a super quick craft and was achieved in one afternoon's nap time.  I used jumbo popsicle sticks and these pictures were cropped and sized just right for them.  I highly encourage the use of your own books, as I've been told as of lately that using pictures from the web and printing them infringes on copyrights.
The number stickers were an after thought, but I think they'll be nice to have when it comes time to teach the little ones their numbers and their order.

 My three year absolutely LOVES them and has asked to play with them for the past few days straight.  It's always great when you can take your child's favorite book and make it come alive for them.  Such a darling book series--recommend checking them out at the library OR buying them for your own library collection.  They are a fave in our family!


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    1. Missy-- Mod Podge is a glue like substance. It's used to glue, seal, and finish used on decoupaging crafts. It's a glorious product-- highly recommend you checking it out.


  2. Oh my goodness I can't believe you don't have more comments! What an awesome idea, so cool! I am excited ftp have found your post for two reasons. First these will be great to make and send along with favorite books to our nieces. Heck I'll just make color copies of the pics I want if I can't find them online, I love customizable things! Next I am in the throws of planning a Survivor themed birthday party and have been trying to figure out how to do a puzzle challenge and this couldn't be more perfect! You have given me a much needed burst of inspiration, thank you!! P.S. I pinned this to several of my boards :) Andrea



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