{share} Three Quick & Easy Toddler Activities

 Little boys are full of energy, constantly moving, and curious about everything.  I'm kept on my toes daily with my two kids.  At times I find it challenging to find new things for them to do so they don't get bored and start beating each other up.  Below you will find three constant activities we do just about everyday.  These games don't require anything in addition to what most of us already have in our homes.  So here we go...
1.  Dinosaur Hunt
The dinosaur hunt hats aren't needed for this activity, obviously, but it sure does make them look cute.  I bought these hats and the foam lettering at Hobby Lobby and my littlest one, Graham, loves to wear his all day long.  So, how do we play this game?  First, I make my kids hide in the corner with their nets and hats while I disperse of all the many dinosaurs (and other plastic animals) around the room.  I make some of them difficult to find for my older one, while the majority are just scattered on the floor in plain sight.  Then they come running from their corner and collect as many of the animals as they can until their nets are about to burst.  Then, we play it again!  Fun stuff, I tell ya.
 2.  Fruit Loop String Beads
So in addition to dinosaurs, my kids adore fruit loops (yep, I'm that mom that allows them to eat sugary cereal).  The kids enjoy threading their fruit loops onto their string.  I love watching their concentrated faces as they try their hardest to bead their cereal.  Then, we tie knots in the end and wear them as necklaces.  It's kind of nice, really.   They have snacks on the go and I don't have to worry about them spilling all over the ground and getting crunched into the carpet.  Plus, stringing the cereal helps their chubby little fingers to develop manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination.  Graham thinks it's pretty cool to eat them straight off of the string.
 3.  Magic Blanket Rides
Everyone has a blanket laying around, right?  In my case, one too many blankets reside in my house.  Which reminds me-- I need to make a trip to the Good Will.  Anyway, Miles and Graham are mad for blanket rides.  Usually toys, balls, and snacks accompany them on these rides.  Typically following these rides is the request to be burrito-ized!  I swaddle them tightly and they giggle and wiggle their way out and then we do it all over again.  I can't imagine how much fun this would be, but then again any time spent with my mom I enjoy so I'm thinking they might just enjoy the attention they're getting from me and making me laugh in the meantime.
All in all, I've found in my three short years as a mom, that it's really about being silly with my kids and encouraging their imaginations to wander and grow.  I've also discovered with my two, that I have to keep their minds going.  An idle mind brings on trouble-- you know, stealing each others toys and rough housing.  So we usually only spend 15-20 minutes per activity before we move on.  There is nothing more that I enjoy than watching my two little nutballs being silly and laughing at themselves or each other.  I really hope they remain the best of friends...
 What are some of your kids' favorite daily activities?  I'm always looking for new ideas. :)

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