{free printable} Potterybarn Inspired Easter Banner

I set out to make my very own Easter banner after being inspired by this simple and elegant Potterybarn Easter garland.
After cutting out felt Easter shapes I determined it would take too long and I would need to cut out a bajillion to make a garland. Now, if I had a silhouette cutting machine I could have snapped my fingers and 1-2-3 it would have been done for me. Alas, I do not! So, with my scissors in hand I began to cut squares to attach them to.
All you need to make this simple banner is:
  • scissors
  • felt(I recommend the wool sturdy stuff not the acrylic, but if that's all you have it will work too)
  • heat bond (ultra strong)
  • iron
  • printer paper (to cut out your shapes)
  • double folded bias tape (not shown in the picture below)
  • thread and sewing machine
I personally liked the shapes Potterybarn used so I free handed mine.
I am NOT an artist by any means as you can see. I had to draw and redraw the picture a few times before I got the actual shape I wanted.
First, you adhere the felt to the heat bond with the iron. When using felt you have to iron the heat bond onto it a tad bit longer because the fabric is thicker. After the heat bond is attached, trace and cut out your shapes. Next, cut out enough 5" squares of felt in coordinating colors. Then, pull the paper off of the head bonded felt shapes and iron the shapes onto the squares (make sure the heat bonded sticky side is against the felt square-- we don't want to be attaching any felt Easter shapes to your iron). Afterwards you will need to pin and sew the bias tape onto your felt shaped squares. Seriously that's it! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Side note from the peanut gallery (aka my husband): he thinks my hand-cut chicks look like our newfoundland dog, named Tug. He may be right. I did say I'm NOT an artist, didn't I?

Okay so I know we're cutting it close to Easter and some of us may not have time to sew a banner, nor do some of us want to. So... I made this printable that resembles the one I sewed above. I love how simple it is. I found these simple Easter shapes online HERE, but you can download my PDF version HERE if you want to use them to freehand cut your shapes.
So here it is! the Easter banner printable. Two squares print/page and depending on how long you want the banner will determine how many pages you print out.
Happy banner making! Whether it's sewn or printed!
Download the banner HERE


  1. Hello, I'm new follower.
    Sorry but I not speak English very well.
    I love this post, I have linked it on my blog.
    I hope this is ok for you.
    Happy Easter, kisses.
    (really sorry for my English :P)

  2. Nora-- thanks for stopping by my blog and linking it up to yours. I think your English sounds great! I only speak one language (English) and I don't even speak that real well. :)



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