{free printables & tutorial} Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

I know not everyone celebrates Cinco de Mayo, but for those of us who do here are some FREE FIESTA printables.

FIESTA Printable includes: banner, tented cards, thank you favor tags, party circles/cupcake toppers, a yard sign and my favorite, the Spanish name tag!

So because the name tags are my fave I thought I would do a quick tutorial. It's pretty basic and most of you won't need the lesson, but it was fun to do, nonetheless. First, I printed out the name tags at home from my computer. Then I trimmed off the ends of the paper so the 3 inch circle cutter could be centered on the circles to cut.
Then, I cut the tags out...
...and ran them through my sticker maker. If anyone you haven't seen these xyron machines they are the BEST! You can buy refills for them that laminate as well. So worth the money, if you ask me.
After they have been stick-ti-fied they're ready to go.
The stickiness of the machine really does a good job. This sticker will stay in place all party long, but if you're worried about it falling off you could always print the name tags on full sheet sized label paper and cut them out directly from that. Or you could attach them with double-sided sticky tape or safety pins.
Happy Cinco de Mayo Amigos!
You may download the FREE FIESTA PRINTABLE HERE!


  1. these are super-cute, but the link takes me to my 'reading page' on scribbed. I don't know how to get to the download page!

  2. Merium-- I'm not sure what's going on. Email me and I will send you the PDF.


  3. Hi...these are perfect for my party tomorrrow, but I am having the same issue as Merium. Is there a trick to printing them?

  4. THANK you so much- I used some of them for our playdate and gave you a shout out on my bloghttp://fey-next2heaven.blogspot.com/2011/05/cinco-de-mayo-playdate.html post!!

    You make the cutiest stuff!

  5. Deborah-- if its not too late email me at kirstenfuller@gmail.com and I will send them to you. Sorry I didn't get back to you until now.

  6. Kristy-- THANK YOU SO MUCH for the shout out. Your party looked too cute!

  7. Hi Kirsten! I love this & having trouble downloading these printables as well... will send you an email if ok! Also, I've never seen a sticker machine.. looking one up now! Your site is AMAZING!!

  8. I just shared these awesome printables in a Cinco De Mayo post. Thanks for sharing!!


  9. Hi there
    I cant seem to open the printables.. Are they still available?


    1. Marnie-- email me directly and I will send you the file. Kirstenfuller(at)gmail(dot)com

  10. Are the printables still available? I am unable to open the Spanish name tags. Thanks!



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