{free printable} "Hello New Neighbor" Tags

Besides the packing and unpacking aspect of moving I HATE not knowing my neighbors. I shouldn't complain too much-- my husband's company moved us entirely and I practically sat back picking at my split ends. Anywho, I grew up in a town where you knew EVERYONE on your street and I LOVED it! So when we moved to New Mexico from Utah and into our new house I was eager to get out and meet everyone.

So that brings me to the point of this post. Have you moved lately or do you know someone who has? Help make them feel welcome to the neighborhood with some homemade baked goods and these FREE PRINTABLE TAGS.

A couple of days after we moved in I made cookies and went around to all of the neighbors in our cul-de-sac to introduce ourselves. You would have thought we were Mother Theresa's best friends the way we were received. It went over rather well! In fact, one of our neighbors did an Easter egg hunt in our front yard for our boys in return as a nice gesture. It didn't take long for us to feel welcome. We've got some of the friendliest people living around us.

Obviously the printables are not identical to the ones used in the photos, but the idea is still the same. You may download the tags HERE


  1. Awesome idea!! I LOVE it! Great Ice-Breaker! Thanks so much!

  2. There are a couple of houses for sale in our HOA community. I will have these on hand for when the new folks arrive. Thanks so much.

  3. harmonica68-- Thanks! And thanks for stopping by.

    The Tanners-- Sounds like you're on the ball! Your new neighbors are going to love you! ;)

  4. Does anybody know how to fill in the last name etc on the tag by way of computer? Just like it is in the picture. My handwriting is awful! Help! These are way cute.



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