Graduation Party Printables (now available on Etsy)

Are you you excited that your son or daughter has FINALLY graduated, but are dreading the whole party throwing aspect? Well, don't fret anymore! (I sound like someone from an infomercial, don't I?) Anyway, if you are, head on over to my Etsy site and take a look at this CUSTOMIZABLE GRADUATION PARTY PRINTABLE PACKAGE (that's a lot of P's).
The party printable package comes with:
Cupcake Wrappers
Tented cards/Food Labels
Cupcake Toppers/Party Circles
Customized Invitation
Drink Flags

If green and yellow aren't your school colors, go ahead a pick 2 from the chart below and customize. If you don't see the colors you want we can customize to any color your heart desires.
I feel it's priced fairly cheap at $15, but for the first 2 people that email me at kirstenfuller(at)gmail(dot)com and would like to order them will get them at a measly $8 (okay so now I REALLY do sound like an infomercial. All I need to say now is that I'll throw in another party printable package if you email within the next 5 minutes)

If you're interested in these Graduation Printables, click HERE! :)

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